Degenerative Disc Disease

Treatment plans designed to heal impairments on intervertebral discs

Spine Model for Degenerative Disc Disease

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Degenerative Disc Disease

As we age our bodies undergo consistent wear and tear that can degrade our tissues over time. Intervertebral discs in the spine act as shock absorbers and allow for movement, but aging can break down these discs and impair their function. If the outer layers of a disc become weakened they are more susceptible to tearing, which can cause pain in the back that my also refer down the body. Treatment for degenerative disc disease may include adjustments to improve mobility, heat therapy, therapeutic exercises, stretches, and soft tissue massage. If you are experiencing neck or back pain our chiropractors can help diagnose the cause and form a treatment plan for you.

Spine Model for Degenerative Disc DiseaseSpine Model for Degenerative Disc Disease